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My name is Spats♥

Nice to meet you!

I'm an artist who has worked in the Animation industry as both an animator and character/prop designer since 2015. I've worked on these shows:

'Littlest Pet Shop'
'The Mr.Peabody and Sherman Show'
'The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle'
'My Little Pony'
'Rhyme Time Town'

'Archibald's Next Big Thing'
I've also worked on many other things that I cannot discuss because of NDAs I signed (non-disclosure agreements) but they also were character design, and 2D character animation. I still take freelance animation industry work here and there, but my new career focus is Vtubing/Streaming my commission work! 

Here is my landing page for links to all my socials and how you can support me! Thanks in advanced ♥


About Me: About Me
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